If you employ a nanny, you have likely heard of National Nanny Recognition Week (Or NNRW for short), but what is National Nanny Recognition Week, how did it start, and what are ways that you can recognize your wonderful nanny? 

National Nanny Recognition Week (September 20th through September 26th) is exactly what it sounds like; a week for you to recognize and appreciate all the hard work your nanny does for you and your family. Whether your nanny is in charge of childcare only, or their duties include house managing and pet keeping, there is no denying that a nanny’s job can be strenuous work. The wonderful thing is this: They are happy to be there. Your nanny is happy to commit their time to such a selfless service as many nannies are helpers at their core. NNRW was started in 1998 by Mary Clurman, and other industry professionals. Mary, a nanny herself,  wanted to celebrate the outstanding and generous work a nanny is always willing to provide to the families they work with. National Nanny Recognition Week started off small, but has quickly grown into a nation-wide celebratory week of all things nanny.

This year, your nanny has been the unsung hero of your home, keeping things in order and the children happy in the middle of a chaotic and uncertain time. It is likely that they took on extra responsibilities and more hours in order to keep your family running smooth and stress free. We implore you to take National Nanny Recognition Week 2020 to sit back and reflect on the hard work ethic your nanny has developed this year, all while having a smile on their face. 

Household and nanny agencies in your area are likely holding events and/or giveaways for National Nanny Recognition Week. These events are often open to ALL nannies, whether or not they have been placed with that agency. That’s the beautiful thing about NNRW, we are all trying to celebrate nannies, even if they didn’t get placed with us.  Family First will have social media giveaways during the entire week of NNRW, so tell your nanny to keep an eye on our page! 

Here are our favorite ways to show appreciation to your nanny during National Nanny Recognition Week:

No matter what you choose to do to recognize your Nanny, they will LOVE it. It’s amazing what even a handwritten card and thank you card can do to lift your nannies spirit and make them feel appreciated.