Have a Question?

How long does it take to find Household Staff?

Due to the Pandemic we have seen a rise in the demand for quality full time nannies. Searches are taking longer than normal. Please anticipate between 6-8 weeks.  

What pay rate do Household Staff expect?

This all depends on the expectations of the candidate. In most states, you can expect a pay range of $20-$35+ per hour. Please check out our job book for reference.

How do your services compare to other referral agencies?

At Family First, we value values. We hand select caregivers, looking not only at their experience and background, but also take into consideration their humility, integrity, relational intelligence and hunger for growth. We believe nannies and other household staff have a unique ability to impact the next generation in a positive way. It’s truly our heart to help create stability and balance in lives of the families we work with and you can expect that our team will hold your hand through this delicate process. Each and everyone of our team member were nannies in the past and know just what you need.

What is your screening process?

We specialize in helping parents find full time career nannies. We require that all of our candidates have three + years of professional nanny experience within the last 5 years, be CPR and First Aid certified, pass a National Background Check, have a clean Driving Record, provide extraordinary references, and must go through two separate and intense interviews with our staff.

Can you recommend a tax and pay roll company?

Employers are legally required to withhold their portion of Medicare, Social Security, and Unemployment from their staff’s wages. We highly recommend HomeWork Solutions as they have incredible customer service. Make sure to let them know we referred you as they offer our clients a bit of a discount. Learn More

How do we value the community?

Our mission is to be a transforming force in the world. We want to do this by helping families with children who don’t always get equal opportunities. We also do our best to help educate families and their caregivers how to create a positive and healthy environment for children.