Typically, candidates are applying with agencies for higher paying, more professional jobs than they would be able to find on their own. On any given day, a nanny agency recruiter or placement specialist is connecting with 20+ possible candidates. You may have received no thank you letters from an agency you are applying with for a variety of different reasons. So what exactly are nanny agencies looking for in candidates? 

  1. Professionalism- When you send an agency an email to notify your interest in working with them, it is important to send your resume and at least a few sentences about who you are, what you are interested in, and how to best contact you. Sending only a resume with no body text will leave an agency confused and not willing to reach out to you. 
  2. Updated Resume- If you are actively job searching, it is important to have an updated and current resume. An agency will ask you to update it later, so it is best to go ahead and do it anyways! 
  3. Having a quiet and professional place when you have your agency interviews- When you have a phone call or video call with an agency you are interested in working with, always put your best foot forward and make sure you are in a quiet room that reflects your professionalism. 
  4. Confidentiality is key- As an agency, we can ask some pretty deep questions. While we do want the truth, and we want to know you well, it is important to remain confidential when discussing previous employers. 
  5. Communicative- Agencies value communicative candidates. If you are looking at other job offers, please tell us! We will not be mad, after all, we just want you to get a job. Being open and honest from the start is important to showing us your integrity. 
  6. Follow Through- We need to see that our candidates stay true to their word and commitments. It is important to show up for interviews, trial days, and work days promptly and as scheduled. 
  7. A Passionate Heart- While professionalism is a top trait that agencies want to work with, it is also important that we see your love for the position shine through in various ways throughout the screening process. 
  8. Flexibility- When working in someone’s home, it is important to be flexible and malleable to their lifestyles and philosophies. We love to see this trait ahead of time. 
  9. Professional Development- We love seeing candidates who have continued to take courses, trainings, and classes. This definitely sets you apart from others in our industry. 
  10. Longevity- This one is for the candidates that do not specialize in temp care. As a household employee, longevity and consistency for everyone involved is vital to the success of the home and charges. We love seeing candidates who have been in one job for more than two years.