By this point, you have probably heard us talk A LOT about International Nanny Training Day. It’s on your feed, it’s on your reels, it’s on your stories, but what exactly IS International Nanny Training Day, and how is it helpful to your career as a nanny? You may be a nanny who is very familiar with iNNTD, or someone who is just hearing this for the first time. Wherever you fall on that scale, we are here to breakdown iNNTD, answer some questions, and hopefully intrigue you to attend an event! 

iNNTD was started 11 years ago by Sue Downey of NannyPalooza.  To put it plainly, International Nanny Training Day is one day a year that all nannies, all over the world, get together to promote continuing education, grow in their field, and learn from local industry experts. Deep down, it can be so much more than that. We love International Nanny Training Day simply for its opportunity to connect with others. In a post pandemic world, there is nothing that feels more important than peer support, learning, and connection, when for so long, those things were not easily attainable. 

This year, Family First will be hosting our very own iNNTD, serving the Carolina’s (and beyond) in a way we never have before. To say we are merely excited would be an understatement. We are ECSTATIC. Bolded, underlined, italicized, ecstatic. We have worked hard to gather sponsors, vendors, speakers, and more to make this event one to remember for area nannies. Not only will we have fun gift bags, opportunities to purchase nanny gear, and a chill room to relax and recharge, we are also presenting well known, educated, popular speakers, and interesting, diverse lightning rounds. 

Whether you are a seasoned nanny, or a caregiver just entering the domestic care field, iNNTD will have something for you. Not only is iNNTD something you can add to your resume, it is also a chance to learn if you are interested, a chance to connect with other nannies, if you need more peers, or a chance to serve in a volunteer aspect, if you feel that you don’t need anymore continuing education. Wherever you fall on your journey in nannying, our can help you get something valuable, palpable, out of 2023 iNNTD. International Nanny Training Day is considered professional development, so consider asking your nanny family for partial or full reimbursement! 

For Family First’s International Nanny Training Day, we are offering FREE childcare, breakfast, coffee, and lunch. We will have Spanish translators, a chill room to recharge, on site massage therapist, and more!  Register now to take advantage of early bird pricing! Are you looking to volunteer? Please fill out this form or email Kaylee at
Interested in attending an iNNTD near you? Visit this website to find yours!