International Nanny Recognition Week is right around the corner (here is a hint: it’s September 24-30th!) NNRW is an international effort chaired by Angela Jackson and Kellie Geres, veteran nannies with over 60 years of combined experience. We are so grateful for their efforts in clearing a path to celebrate, recognize and educate those around us about the wonderful world of nannying.

Many nanny agencies, including Family First, will be having giveaways for local and national nannies during the week. We also want to encourage you to take some time to show some appreciation to your nanny, for all they have done for your household, family, and children.

Here are our favorite ways to show appreciation to your nanny during National Nanny Recognition Week:

  • Cash Money <3
  • An extra day of PTO
  • Schedule their car to be cleaned/detailed
  • Send them to Nannypalooza, the Nanny Tees Retreat or the INA Conference
  • Grab them something special from Nanny Tees
  • Send them on a Spa Day or to their favorite restaurant
  • Give them a framed photo of the them with the kiddos
  • Make a homemade card from the kids
  • Make a package¬†of their favorite treats
  • Have lunch delivered during nap time for them
  • Flowers!