halloween safety

As a child, some of my fondest memories are from Halloween. It still remains one of my favorite holidays of the year. The day holds a certain magic when you are a child. Picking out your costume, class parties, and staying out past dark on a school night; what more could a child want? As parents (and caregivers) we are too well aware of the possible dangers of such an exciting holiday. As we head into this halloween season, here are some tips and reminders on how to make sure your child has a spellbinding and safe Halloween.

Costume Safety 

The night starts with your childs chosen halloween costume. It is likely that you had to search high and low, or spend hours of “DIY,” in order to make the outfit just perfect. Make sure that the costume is free of toxins, and test any makeup on a small area to avoid any skin irritation. Costumes and masks should fit properly and be flame resistant. Put reflective tape on the children’s costumes and Halloween bags, or give them glow sticks to stand out in the dark.

Create a Family Plan 

No matter how old we get, we can all agree that walking around our neighborhood at night is just cool. During the Halloween season, we get to see so many fun, crazy, and spooky decorations. Having a plan for your children for Halloween night gives you peace of mind, and offers your children clarity of your expectations. If you have younger kids, make sure they are attended by a responsible adult. Walk all the way up to the door with your kids, and don’t allow them to run from house to house. For your older children, it is a good idea to discuss a pre-approved neighborhood route. Give them a time they need to be home so you aren’t up worrying! You can even have your child share their phone location with you, so you can easily see where they are. Remind your children to never run into the road, never go into a strangers home and always use crosswalks.

Sugar Time 

While candy contamination is unlikely, it is better to be cautious and examine the treats your child brings home. Only allow your child to have individually wrapped candies. If anything seems tampered with or suspicious, throw it out. Space out your child’s candy intake over the days and weeks following Halloween to steer clear of tummy aches, and always supervise children while they are eating candy. There is even a program that may be worth checking out called, Halloween Candy Buy Back! Buybacks are held at local businesses, traditionally but not limited to dental offices. Participants buy back kids’ Halloween candy at a scheduled event with cash, xylitol products, coupons, toothbrushes, and other creative exchanges. You can check HERE to see if any local business are participating.