We are well into the swing of 2020, friends! I hope your year is starting out in a happy, blissful way. I hope you have set strong and reachable goals, intentions, or whatever it is you wish to change for your new year. Hopefully you have included professional development improvements into your yearly goals. If you have any questions on ways to do that, check out our September blog here. One thing we decided not to include in September was the highly popular format of podcasting. 144 million Americans listen to podcasts, making them exceedingly relevant in today’s culture. Talk with anyone, and you are likely to receive a podcast recommendation. See a stranger walking along, and wonder why they randomly crack a smile?

They are likely listening to their favorite podcasts, sure to illicit laughs, smiles, and further discussions. 74% of users listen to learn something new, and with 750 thousand active podcasts on multiple platforms, means a whole lot of knowledge going into a whole lot of people’s brains. Based off of those facts, it’s easy to understand how there are many podcasts for nannies. In a career that can seem so isolating, you can find comfort in knowing industry pros are in your ear to give advice at the push of a notification. If you are one of the 144 million that partake in this form of entertainment, you have likely listened while doing chores during nap time, on a walk in the neighborhood or in car pickup lines (more on this later.) Below are our favorite nanny related podcasts (in no particular order,) that we recommend adding to your weekly listening, and some fun kid ones for your nanny kids too! 

Adventure Nannies On Air 

Adventure Nannies On Air is a podcast hosted by Shenandoah and Brandy, Co-Founders of  Adventure Nannies. So far, there are 18 episodes of their podcast, but we have high hopes this one will last! Episodes are released every Friday, and contain a range of topics from Talking with a Tour Nanny (epi. 4) to How to Quit Your Job Without Being A Jerk (epi. 15.) Shenandoah and Brandy are welcoming and inclusive to their guests and their listeners on each episode. As a team, they are proactive about asking the tough questions, and don’t feel afraid to speak up on topics that may be tough, but are nevertheless important. 

  • Our Favorite Episode: Meet Christa (Epi. 8)

In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy interview Christa Nadar about her then upcoming keynote session at the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies conference. Without giving away too much, the group goes into an underlying issue in the nanny industry that is rarely talked about. Descrimintation. This is a longer episode, and we recommend listening to this one while on a leisurely walk.

Practically Perfect Podcast 

The Practically Perfect Podcast is hosted by two major industry leaders, Sue Downey and Lora Brawley. In addition to being a nanny, Sue heads NannyPalooza, and coordinates National Nanny Training Day. Lora is the leader of Nanny Care Hub where she coordinates events, writes blogs, and offers online training courses for nannies and parents. If you’re looking for expert advice, this is the podcast for you. While they seem to be on hiatus, the Practically Perfect Podcast started in 2014, so you have plenty to catch up on in the meantime. 

  • Our favorite Episode: The Interviewing Series

In the interview series (6 episode starting in May 2018,) Lora and Sue spend time on every aspect of a nanny-family interview. We love that the pair took a large topic, and instead of fitting it into a 1.5 hour episode, decided to take their time and dive into the ever important, ever intimidating interview. 

Chronicles of Nannya

Martha Reddick is the wonderful and relatable host of the Chronicles of Nannya podcast. The Chronicles of Nannya started  in 2016, and since has released 140 episodes. It is easy to feel connected to Martha from the very start of the podcasts theme song. She is inviting, light-hearted, and fun. Seriously, we feel like we could sit in a coffee shop with her for hours and just talk. Listening to Martha’s episodes, you will often find yourself nodding along to things she or her guests say. Feeling like you are in a conversation with her while she imparts her infinite wisdom.  

  • Our Favorite Episode: Divorce (Feb. 2019)

Divorce is common these days, and while we hope none of you ever have to be in the situation at work. If you find yourself in that place, this podcast is the perfect hand to hold. Not only do you learn tools to help a child’s emotional well-being, you learn tools for your own self care as well. 

When my oldest nanny kid started kindergarten, I was instantly stumped on how I could entertain her sister, then 4, in the car during pickup time. I quickly realized that Magna-doodles, Melissa and Doug water pictures, and podcasts were the answers to my major dilemma. I don’t know why I had not thought of it before. Now we listen to podcasts all the time, not just in pickup line.  Here are my nanny kids (and my) favorite kid podcasts to listen to in the car! 

  • Storynory
  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 
  • Stories Podcast
  • But Why?
  • Brains On!

If we missed any of your favorite Nanny podcasts, we would love to know!